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This Is My Offical Site, And Is Currently A WIP!!! :D

The Ultimate, And Most Biggest RCT3 Custom Addon/Expansion Pack Ever Created! :D

Over 4GB's Of Custom Objects ready for download in one single download that is
compressed to 1GB, and prepackaged for your convenance! Making it the
easiest way to download a crapload of Custom Objects, Scenery, Coasters, And much
more all with one download! :D 

This pack is made with 90% Abandonware, and the custom objects are credited to
there creators.

This massive pack includes over 2000+ new custom objects to add to your RCT3
game with a click of a button!!! This includes...


All Of DazMatze's Objects...
All Of OldSpice's Objects...
95% Of Vodhin's Objects...
All Of JCat's Objects...
All Of Ralfvieh's Objects...

85+% Of ShyGuys Objects...
And a HELL lot more! :D


Create the Amusment Park of your dreams! :D
(Turn On Anotations When Watching Videos! :P)

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